Compassionate Mind Training: A Personal Practice Workshop

Facilitator: Paul Gilbert & James Bennett-Levy

Date/Time: 20-22 November 2017, 9.30am-5.00pm

Cost: $950 / $890 early bird (before 1st Oct)

Location: Byron Bay Community & Cultural Centre, Level 1, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay NSW 2481




This self-experiential workshop, focused on personal practice of compassionate mind training, will help participants to cultivate their compassionate mind. It will provide a direct experience of mindfulness and compassion practices drawn from a synthesis of Western therapeutic and Buddhist approaches as outlined in Paul Gilbert’s books, The Compassionate Mind (2009) and Mindful Compassion (2013). By integrating mindfulness and the secular understanding of mind awareness with different practices of compassion cultivation, you will experience a step by step approach to cultivating compassion motivation and the inner compassionate self.

Although not essential it is preferable for participants to have previously attended compassion focused therapy (CFT) training, as the focus is on personal practice and we shall not be spending much time explaining the principles of CFT.

We start by creating a secure stable base through mindfulness practices such as soothing rhythm breathing and grounding strategies. Then we build on this by establishing a warm and receptive inner environment through working with voice tone, body postures, facial expressions and wise acceptance of our changing emotions. We also work with our bodies to show how certain systems, such as the vagal parasympathetic system, can be linked to and cultivated by compassion practice.

Through conscious identification with qualities of strength, wisdom and commitment we learn to embody the Compassionate Self. As we build our compassion motivation, we strengthen our capacity to relate compassionately to the parts of ourselves that struggle, and to broaden our compassion to other people. In this way we will experience the healing qualities that come from a stable and compassionate mind and develop new and transformative ways of being with our self and other people.

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Comments from previous participants at Paul’s personal practice workshops include:

“Loved it, loved it, loved it! Relaxed yet rigorous training – loved the interaction with delegates and facilitators. Life changing – empowered by the dynamic tools we have gained, inspired ‘to the be the change that I want to see in the world.'”

“I found this course incredibly helpful in deepening my understanding”

“Absolutely amazing.”

“It was a wonderful experience which I am grateful for.”

“Excellent. I have been fully Paul Gilbert-ed (that should be a word if isn’t).”

“Paul is so full of life and wisdom.”

Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert, FBPsS, PhD, OBE is Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Derby and Consultant Clinical Psychologist at the Derbyshire Health Care Foundation Trust. He has researched evolutionary approaches to psychopathology for over 35 years with a special focus on shame and the treatment of shame based difficulties, for which compassion focused therapy (CFT) was developed. He has written and edited 20 books and established the Compassionate Mind Foundation in 2006. He was awarded an OBE in March 2011.


James Bennett-Levy

James’ self-experiential approach to the training of therapists and to working with clients has created two classic CBT texts, the Oxford Guide to Behavioural Experiments in Cognitive Therapy (2004) and Oxford Guide to Imagery in Cognitive Therapy (2011). The same self-experiential learning principles have been applied to therapist training in his latest book Experiencing CBT from the Inside Out: A Self-Practice/Self-Reflection (SP/SR) Workbook for Therapists (2015) and the forthcoming Experiencing Compassion-focused Therapy from

the Inside Out.